I was on NPR’s “THE FRAME”

They used a really old picture of me from when I used to work on Tom Goes to the Mayor.

(I love NPR:)


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“Up Our Holes” one of the 7 Best DIY-ish Comedy Albums of 2014


“the most influential person nobody’s ever heard of”


My latest album “Up Our Holes” gets a nice review in Splitsider

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2 Wet Crew “Blast” featuring Brent Weinbach

2 Wet Crew

2 Wet Crew LIVE, every second Sunday at the Satellite in LA.

Hosted by myself and Mikey Kampmann.

Videos, comedians, music, dancing.

2 Wet crew on facebook – https://www.facebook.com/2wetcrew


Up Our Holes on Bandcamp

Up our Holes (special edition) is now available on Bandcamp.


Triple Dippers Tour Shirt (SOLD OUT)

Shirts are SOLD OUT! Aww 🙁

P.S. we had our shirts made by www.ooshirts.com – they turned out great!


I’m doing some shows in the south of the USA later this month with Mikey Kampmann and Andre Hyland!

Help us find a venue in Atlanta?!

2Wet Crew

I made a few new videos with my friend, Mikey Kampmann!
Introducing: 2Wet Crew  B-)

“Up Our Holes CD” SOLD OUT

Here’s a commercial for my latest CD “Up Our Holes”.

I only made 100 copies and they are SOLD OUT.

Thank you!


Esther With Hot Chicks

Here’s a new web series I directed (and wrote) with Esther Povitsky, Brent Weinbach and Duncan Trussell.

It was really fun, Esther is awesome, more episodes on the way soon!